Tournament Season

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Tournament Season

During a "tournament season" players battle each other in leaderboards to win FGL tokens as prizes as well as NFT prizes from sponsors. New game modes are introduced from time to time, giving players new ways to use their ship NFTs to compete and win prizes. There is no "passive token earn" during a tournament season.

Each tournament is one week long and features NFTs from a different sponsor. Players pay a one time fee to enter each week and then can play for the entire week with no extra cost.

- Gold Tournament - a gold tournament costs 1000 FGL to enter and allows players to bring more powerful fleets, with the chance to win bigger prizes.

- Bronze Tournament - a bronze tournament costs 500 FGL to enter and is restricted to the most basic level of ships so players of all levels can compete

Defeat the Horde

In a "Defeat the Horde" style competition, players must craft fleets to defeat waves of AI enemies:
- You can see ahead of time which fleets are coming up and plan accordingly
- Whoever defeats the most waves of enemies will be ranked higher on the leaderboard
- Tiebreaker is whoever has the most ship kills
- If you can reach a "checkpoint", your dead ships are resurrected!