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Galaxy Status

Cosmic Clash starship NFTs are arranged into "Galaxies". Each time a new galaxy comes out, the galaxies of ships are re-ordered into one of four categories, ordered by newest up top to oldest below:

Limited - The latest two galaxies of ships, the only way to obtain these are through pack drops, winning on the leaderboards, or secondary market.

Blendable - The next four galaxies of ships, these ships can be obtained by blending derelict ships.

Expiring - The next two galaxies of ships, these ships will soon be removed from game play.

Derelict - These ships have been fully removed from the game. They can no longer be used in leaderboards + tournaments with the exception of the Derelict Leaderboard





Blending Derelict Ships

Once a ship becomes derelict, it is now available for "blending". When you blend a derelict ship it gives you a new ship from the Blendable set of Galaxies above. You need to go to the FGL Vault to do the blends, at:

For more information see Blending