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Welcome, new players!

What is Cosmic Clash?

Cosmic Clash is a strategy game on the WAX blockchain where you collect, battle + win prizes using your fleet of starships. Choose your ships to send into battle and watch it unfold. Battle your way to the top of the leaderboard to earn more powerful ships and win big prizes. Be the first to uncover the new frontier and trade the most powerful ships from newly discovered galaxies!

Cosmic Clash alternates between Regular Season and Tournament Season modes. With each season a new Galaxy of Ships is introduced, and the oldest galaxy removed from gameplay.

Before purchasing any ship NFTs please check which galaxies are active!
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Where to play


How to play

Check out our text guides below. You can also browse through the pages in this wiki (linked at the bottom), or ask questions in our Discord!
Getting Started
Buyer's Guide


You can ask for support via the in game chat or by joining our Discord:

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