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I am new to Cosmic Clash, where do I start?

There are many possible strategies in Cosmic Clash, check this page first to get a quick overview:

Ship Stacking
First off be sure you understand that ship NFTs in Cosmic Clash "stack" and "level up". You cannot attack with 6 copies of the same ship to fill out a fleet. If you are building a level 1 fleet, be sure each ship has a unique name.

Commons + Rares

Common and Rare ships form the backbone of your fleet. No frills or special abilities here, just basic attack type, attack power, shields + armor in varying configurations.

Initial Fleet Setup
One way to approach setting up your first fleet is to pick an overall theme for your ships to follow. Generally it is not a good idea to mix and match missile ships with others, so here are three fleet themes you can try to start out:

Missile Mayhem Go pure missiles. Find 4-5 missile carrying ships to build the core of your fleet. The common ones tend to pack a big punch, but if you want lasting power go with rares.

Projectile Power A pure projectile build. Find 4-5 projectile ships to build your core, try to find a balance of firepower, shields + armor.

Blast + Burn combine projectile + corrosive ships. Find some heavy hitting projectile ships to get through your opponents shields, then have a few corrosives to finish them off!

Galaxy Buffs
Each Galaxy of ships has their own special ability! Check out all the abilities in the Master Ship list

Epic Ships

Epic ships in Cosmic Clash are "support" ships, they are not simply better versions of common/rare ships. Use them wisely to counter your opponents fleet and gain an edge in battle!

You can view all the epic ships in the "Ship Stats" area of the game along with their special abilities. They are also here in the wiki in the Master Ship List

Practice Makes Perfect!

Now that you have a basic understand of what ships do, its time to practice! Everyone is allowed unlimited free use of the Battle Simulator to try out all the ships, even the ones you don't own!

The simulator can do a LOT of things, it is highly recommended you master this tool. Ask questions in Discord for anything you don't understand, but you can:
- Simulate any battles between two sets of rarities + levels
- Learn how all the ships work in action
- On the Seasonal or Weekly leaderboard, you can click "import into simulator" on ANYONEs fleet to play with it
- You can also save + load "preset" fleets of your own ships

Build your Fleet

Now that you have the basic hang of it, check out our Buyer's Guide before purchasing NFTs to play with.

Seasonal Structure

Once you have created your initial fleet its time to battle it out! Win packs, more ships for your fleet, spinner spins, FGL tokens and more! Your next steps is to read up on the Regular Season and Tournament Season. Cosmic Clash alternates between the two.

Good luck!